Each week we’ll meet together for one hour to go through the process of developing and refining your overall marketing strategy, including:

  • Define your unique vision of what you want your coaching practice to offer your clients and YOU
  • Determine your specific coaching niche (this is the core group of people who have the exact problem you can help them solve)
  • Conduct online market research to uncover what your core customer group is looking for, where they’re looking for it and how they’re talking about the problem they want you to help them solve
  • Develop your primary marketing message that you’ll use across all of the various marketing channels (or tactics) that you’ll employ to find new clients
  • Create your education-based marketing platform so that you can give prospective clients a taste of the transformation you offer to gain trust (and weed out the lookey-loos) before offering a free session
  • Internet marketing basics so that you can get started online with the most fundamental elements of client attraction (including a daily internet marketing checklist so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it)
  • How to measure your results so that what efforts are working and which need to be refined further (or removed from your plan altogether)