Let Me Create a Plan To Add $10,000 – $20,000
(or MORE) In NEW Sales To Your Business,
In the Next 12 Months (Or Less)…
Absolutely Free!

Are You AMAZING Delivering Your Coaching 1-on-1… But Are Unsure How to Take What You Know and Turn It Into a Curriculum That Can Be Delivered To MANY People?

Do You KNOW That You Need to Take Your Expertise And Create An Online Course… But The Technology is So Overwhelming That It Stops You Dead In Your Tracks?

Are You Ready to ELIMINATE These Obstacles and FINALLY Offer Your Transformational Coaching In a Way That Will Make a Deeper Impact In The World?

If You Answered, “Yes,” This Letter Is For You.

Paul Keetch LIVE On StageHi, my name is Paul Keetch and, for the last 10 years or so, I’ve been helping my Private Clients create online programs out of their coaching or workshop content that has allowed them to generate tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in Additional Income…

…while simultaneously giving them more Free Time to spend with their top level clients, or simply enjoying their lives and spending more time with their family and friends.

One client sold 117 copies of her very first online course at $497 per person… for a total of $58,149 in just 4 weeks.

Another client took the online program I created for her and did a Product Launch to sell it for $1997 per person… adding more than $800,000 in revenue to her business… in just 10 days!

And finally, another client is offering her high-end automated content, combined with private mentoring, at $10,000 per person, and to date has helped 36 people at a Net Revenue of $360,000 in less than one year!

These Results Are NOT Typical

Let me be clear… these results are NOT typical.  These entrepreneurs are incredibly Dedicated, Committed and Action Oriented.

They didn’t simply create an online course and magically start pulling in the money!

Each of my most successful clients have a two things in common.

1. They hustled.

They know the value of committed effort, and they leveraged their existing Email Subscriber List, their Networking Reach and their JV Partners and Affiliates… along with their existing Social Reach and Paid Advertising… to ensure their own success.

2. They had help.

In this case, they had me on their team, helping to advise and guide their every move.  From the creation of their course, the technology involved and the marketing messages and strategies they employed.

They knew that they needed an advisor and they sought one out.

What Can YOU Reasonably Expect?

Straight up, there’s absolutely NO WAY I can predict the level of your success.

I don’t know you… I don’t know how you help people… and I don’t know your work ethic.

But if you follow the plan I’m ready to lay out for you… if you are committed to IMPLEMENTING it, even though there may be elements that you have struggled with in the past, or have never tried before…

…Then I believe you can reasonably expect to add $10,000 – $20,000 to your bottom line in the next 12 months.

Consider this:

Let’s say I help you create an online program and you decide to sell it for just $497 (likely a Fraction of what it’s worth)…

…and let’s say you’re a bit lazy and unmotivated and aren’t really all that serious about growing your business, but you do have SOME motivation, and are able to sell just 2 copies of your program each month.

$497 x 2 = $994 / month

$994 x 12 month = $11,928 / year

Not too shabby, right?

But what if you’re slightly more motivated and have a higher desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and you hustle just a little bit harder and are able to sell 1 copy of your program each WEEK.

$497 x 52 = $25,844

Things are looking a little brighter, aren’t they?

And the possibilities from there are only limited by your ability to hustle and sell your program.

Speaking Of Which, Where Can You Sell Your Program To Generate These Kinds of Results?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways you can sell your online program.  Here are just a few you can get started with, right away… and each of them is absolutely FREE to implement:

  • To your existing Email Subscriber list
  • From the stage at Speaking Engagements
  • At networking events
  • Through your existing Social Media following
  • As a Downsell for people who can’t afford your 1-on-1 coaching
Here’s How To Get My Help For FREE…

I’ve set aside some time to speak to you over the next few days. On that call, I will lay out a plan to help you create your own online course.

This plan is going to enable you to hit your income goals this year… and blow right past them…

…while working LESS than you are right now. It’s a bold promise…

But after generating HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in sales for my clients, I feel very comfortable making it.

The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and VERY EASY to follow. My stuff works, and I know that if we work together, you’ll make money and help more people in the process.

After all, helping people is what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

This is NOT For Everybody. Here’s Who I Can Help:

I’m VERY picky about who I’ll speak with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

1. You need to be able to provide REAL value for your clients. This offer is for people who have genuine knowledge or expertise that helps people solve problems. If you can do that, and you want more clients… let’s talk.

But, if you’re selling a $27 ebook that is 90% fluff and 10% ripped off from other people, sorry, this is NOT for you.

2. You MUST be an action-taker who follows directions. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything weird.)

If you like to “kick tires” or sign-up for programs and not follow through, this is not for you. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to me.

Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about RESULTS.

That’s it – if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:

Complete the form below to let me know a little bit about your business, what your goals are and what help you need.

When you submit the form, you’ll be directed to a page where you can book a session directly in my calendar, at a time that works for you.

That’s it!

The initial call will go 45-60 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have EVER spent working on your business.


This invitation is going out to several thousand people today, and there is only ONE of me!

It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, and it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, complete the form below, book your session, and let’s talk!

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