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Paul Keetch has been helping Coaches, Authors and Workshop Leaders define, refine and implement their Online Business Strategies for the past 15 years.

An Expert in Marketing & Sales strategy and communications, Paul has the Gift of Translation when it comes to breaking complex concepts and ideas down into their smaller, more easily understood parts.

In the area of Online Marketing and Business Systems, this Gift of Translation allows Paul to help his clients Conceptualize and Create their online systems, including Lead Generation, Follow Up Marketing, Online Sales and Course/Program Automation.

Over the past 15 years he has worked with the Leaders of the Personal & Business Transformation industry, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Callan Rush, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Christine Comaford, Libby Gill, Barbara Stanny and many, many more.

An avid Skier, Golfer and Outdoor Enthusiast, he's dedicated to helping others create Freedom of Choice by leveraging the power of technology to automate as much of their business as possible, while still keeping the Human Element as high priority value.


The #1 REASON Coaches, Authors and Workshop Leaders struggle to make the kind of difference they want to make in the world (and to earn their desired income, doing it) is not due to lack of talent, skill or passion.

It's not due to their geography, genealogy or genetics. Or the lack of a Breakthrough Idea or a Big Budget marketing campaign.

The biggest reason Coaches, Authors or Workshop Leaders struggle or fail is... they Lack a Leveraged Offering.

For Coaches, this means having an Online Program that automates the majority of their information that is Repetitive in nature while delivering a clear, Specific Result, mixed with the right amount of Personalized Support to give their clients the support they need to be successful.

For Authors, this means having an Online Program that delves DEEPER into the content of their book(s) and gives their readers the opportunity to more fully integrate the powerful lessons they teach.

For Workshop Leaders, this means having an Online Program that serves as a Retention Strategy for their Live Events, giving participants the opportunity to start engaging with the material right away, allowing for deeper comprehension and a greater Transformation at the Live Workshop, Retreat or Seminar.

In the Virtual Product Creation Blueprint program, you'll learn to Design, Build and SELL your Online Program, using step-by-step tutorials, video walkthroughs and downloadable templates and worksheets.

All using easy-to-use and inexpensive Technology Tools that will create a powerful learning environment, without investing in costly software.

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"After a two hour call with Paul we're finally launching a product. Simple as that.

Not only does he ROCK at what he does, he gets our mindset and there's no snake oil involved as with many other marketers. I feel refreshed, giddy, and uber clear about our next steps."

~ Melanie Bates, Virtual Assistant to Powerful Women (& a Few Kick-Ass Men)

"In two short hours, Paul Keetch managed to comprehend the scope of how I was trying to change the world, get a handle on my unique voice, churn the chaos of my business through the filter of his marketing mind, rein in my big picture ideas, and transform them into easy-to-implement action steps that have given my team direction towards generating revenue without the overwhelm paralysis that has plagued us in the past."

~ Lissa Rankin, MD, founder of

"I never thought I would be able to create an online program. I was convinced I could never figure out the tons of technology that would be involved. I am a smart woman but technology left me feeling beat. Paul walked me through all the choices giving me step by step easy to follow instructions."

~ Deborah Woods, National Certified Counseller

"Paul has an uncanny ability to make the technical easy to understand. His ability to understand the intricacies of my technical needs and explain the best solutions available was extremely helpful."

~ Martin Presse, President, Booya Seminar Inc.


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