Thanks For Your Interest in a Potential Partnership!

I'm Honoured To Have the Opportunity to Create a TRIPLE WIN...
For Your Clients, For You, and for Me! 🙂


I'm excited to explore the possibility of collaboration and serving one another, and our mutual subscribers/clients, to help them grow a value-based, profitable business!

The program I'm offering is Virtual Product Creation Blueprint, to assist your referrals in Designing, Building & Deploying their very own automated, evergreen online program.

The program sells for $997 and I'm offering a $400 commission for every referral.

In addition, my commitment to your referrals is to help them build their online program, no matter how long it takes!

The program is structured as an 8-week program, however some people work more slowly than others... and people who already have a thriving coaching business may not have as much time as someone just starting out.

I promise to help EVERY SINGLE ONE of your referrals get their program up and running and start making sales!

Watch the video below for a complete overview... download the PDF of the program outline... and then get back in touch with me so we can figure out the next steps!

Until then... Go Make a Difference!

Download the Program Overview