Your website should be a 24-hour sales machine.  It never gets tired, doesn’t need bathroom breaks and never asks for an extended, 3-week vacation to Maui.

It just sits there, responding to visitor requests in the best way it knows how.  But is it doing everything it can do grow your business, even while YOU are sitting on a beach in Maui?

Probably not.

Right now, but only for a limited time, I’m offering a complete website critique for just $197 $97.

How Will a Website Critique Help You?

Having an outside, unbiased and objective review of your website will help you get much needed input on how your site can be improved in the following key areas:

  • Overall Marketing Message – I’ll tell you whether or not your initial message is clear, user-focused and I’ll give specific recommendations on how to improve your messaging for increased performance.
  • Search Engine Optimization – I’ll review the code on your website for essential SEO compatibility and give you specific suggestions on how to improve your SEO structure, regardless of where you currently rank.  You’ll be able to jump to the next level of SEO prowess with this valuable information.
  • Lead Capture & Follow-On Marketing – I’ll look at your existing lead capture device (if any) and make specific suggestions for how to make the offer as compelling as possible.  I’ll also register for your offer and give you my advice on how the process can be improved.

When you submit your order, we’ll get to work immediately and I’ll provide you with your report within 3 business days.  You’ll receive:

  • 3 video walkthroughs covering each of the report areas listed above
  • A PDF report outlining my findings for each of these areas

Due to my schedule, I can currenly accept only 5 new clients.  To secure your spot, please submit your $97 payment using the link below.