Learning to teach and convey information effectively is the key to being successful as a coach, speaker, author or workshop leader.

In this video, I share the 4 Cs, the fundamentals of effective teaching.

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    7 replies to "Teaching Essentials"

    • April Boyd-Noronha

      Thanks for the “refresher”. This is timely as I am revamping my teaching programs.

      • Paul Keetch

        Thanks April – glad you found it helpful! 🙂

    • Lyn

      Paul I think this video is great! It reminds me to keep things really clear and simple as I star developing programs for my training academy when I’m ready to launch it but also well before this during my pre-launch list building and various free trg & mini courses I’ll be offering.

      I just LOVE the teaching and COACHING aspect of what I’m building but unless I can do this work with the kind of clarity you’re talking about right from the start I’ll never be as effective as I dream of being ax a coach.


      • Paul Keetch

        Hi Lyn,

        Thanks for your comment! I’m glad the timing was right for you in where you’re at currently with your program! 🙂


    • Gina Hiatt

      Thank you for this free class, Paul! I like these 4 c’s; as a matter of fact I took a screenshot of your chart. I realized that I struggle with giving case studies. After years of being a therapist, it’s so ingrained in me not to talk about clients! At least that’s my current excuse. I’ve got to focus on that more.

      As you know, I really believe, along with you, that we need to focus more on results, and you’ve made it even more concrete by adding “Confirmation.” After all, how else would you know what the results are. So after teaching a course, you can’t just assume that because the students or clients were all fired up and excited about what you taught them, that they actually did the work. You have to have some way to confirm. As you suggested, that’s an iterative process. Find out what they’re struggling with, help with that, confirm, and so on. Hmmm.. I think that’s called coaching. 🙂


    • JAN WEEL

      Tomorrow, I’m helping someone in their Christian spiritual journey. So this was an excellent time to watch your short presentation and remind myself what teaching is really all about. I’ve been a successful OFFLINE Christian guide for 26 years and am just now starting to take my work online. I found your short presentation so to the point and so helpful. It’s easy to rest on one’s laurels and forget that teaching — as opposed to passing on information — is really a very specific skill. So thank you very much Paul. I now can’t wait for your webinar!

    • Penny Kowal

      Thanks for this succinct reminder of good Lesson Design. Good teachers do all these things and they know it is both a science and an art! I appreciate how you modeled the process as you taught it.

      Penny Kowal

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