When I first saw the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercials from Old Spice, I literally fell off the coach laughing.  The last line “I’m on a horse” was such a classic line that I am actually withholding using it until life presents me with the perfect opportunity – it’s not a line to be squandered.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it now before continuing on this with this post because how they’ve leveraged an already great commercial using Twitter and YouTube is pure marketing genius.  (Yes, Alyssa Milano you were right, it IS genius.)


Ok, that’s pretty good right?  Here’s where it gets even better.

When people (often people of note, like Alyssa Milano, Perez Hilton and a particularly hilarious “get well” message to Digg.com founder Kevin Rose to name a few) mention the Old Spice guy and these hilarious commericials.

Consider the reach these celebs have (yes, even Kevin Rose is a celeb in tech circles) within their fanbase and how their tweets are being retweeted throughout their community and you’ll quickly see how cool this is from a viral marketing perspective.

The original video has almost 13,000,000 views as of this writing!

How would your business do if you could get even a fraction of that kind of market visibility?

If you’ve got some specific ideas or examples about how you’ve created a similar (if smaller) viral buzz for your content, product or service using the power of online video combined with the social web, post it in the comments below!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the “response videos” that Old Spice Guy posted for Alyssa, Perez & Kevin.

Hope You’re Feeling Better, Kevin Rose…


You’re Right Alyssa, This is Genius…


Question for Alyssa – Did He Actually Come To Your House Barefoot???


Accolades for Accolades to Perez Hilton


My big question is… does the Old Spice Guy favour celebs and people of massive influence only?  Or will I be the recipient of an upcoming video?

Only time will tell.  But I’ll have to start with saying something witty on Twitter…

Paul Keetch

P.S. Leave your comments (or links to your fav Old Spice Guy video messages) below.

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    • Marjorie Dolinger

      With the man your man could smell like… LOL I love that old spice commerical, it actully almost made want to buy there products.

      How Watch Tv On Computer

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