On Monday I published a post about using a free marketing incentive as an idea for small business owners to use to get better response rates on their offers.

Today I received an email from the video conversion software company ImTOO that perfectly demonstrates how to use this marketing idea when sending email marketing messages to your subscriber list.

I’m a customer of ImTOO, using their conversion software to convert one type of video format to another.  I’m a big fan of this company because of how easy their software is to use…

Now I’m a fan because of their effective marketing.  Here’s a screen capture of the email I received that illustrates perfectly how to use a free marketing incentive offer.

Example of a Free Marketing Incentive Offer via Email

There are four important elements to note (and to model) for your own “free marketing incentive” offers.

  1. The Subject Line (a.k.a. Headline) FEATURES the Free Offer – notice that they are very specific and clear about the fact that they are offering something free with my purchase.  It’s also related to the actual product they are selling, making their marketing aligned (more on aligned marketing next week)
  2. They Provide a REASON for the Offer – this is a psychological trigger and has to be reasonably valid; in this case, to “celebrate the release of iPhone 4”, which they have a supporting product for.
  3. Sell The Main Product AND The Free Markting Incentive – it’s not enough to sell one product or the other, both need to be viewed by the reader of as being EQUALLY valuable and worthwhile – the free item needs to be perceived as being worth the investment in the primary product, even if it has a lesser value!
  4. Create URGENCY Through Limitation – in this case, this is a “Limited Time Offer” as noted at the bottom of the advertisement.

Hopefully this example illustrates how you can take the model of product bundling and use it to create a free marketing incentive for your next advertisement.

Paul Keetch

P.S. Do you have experience working with a free marketing incentive?  Share your experience by leaving a comment below.  Also a great way to get a question answered about how to apply this small business marketing idea to your own business.

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